A New Fall Beginning

This is the season where I can start living into the new beginnings that resulted from summer’s uncomfortable changes and begin to realize that without them, these new beginnings wouldn’t exist. As the old song from the 90’s by Semisonic, Closing Time, states, “every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end,” and I have found this to be true. I have lived as a single person for the past 28 years. There was a time when I wondered if perhaps that would be God’s will for my life. That was until He brought my now fiancé through the door of the coffee shop where I worked when I was a barista five years ago. And now, come September 19, Tim and I will choose to enter into the covenant of marriage. Together, we will begin a new chapter in our lives, one of discovery, of growth, joy, and learning....
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It's All About You, Jesus

We've all seen it. People singing with their eyes closed, and their hands raised high, maybe even jumping around in circles, or people standing still, no emotion seeming to pass over their faces. But who is truly worshiping? What is the most "heart-felt" way to express musical praises to our God? As a worship leader, there is a certain amount of time I spend looking for new music to incorporate into our church's repertoire, songs that proclaim the truth of Jesus. I choose these songs based on the lyrics' soundness in Scripture, playability (how easy is it to sing, to follow along, and to play? Will it work for the instrumentation we currently have available?), input from the team, and prayer. However, choosing a song and singing it is a very different thing than worshiping through song. Moreover, what is worshiping through song supposed to look like in this day and...
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